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Our employment/work permit services include assessing the employability, advising on labour market, providing the resume tips, job hunt, negotiation with the employers, arrangement of employment interview and finalization of the job offer with employer and the applicant and getting all the formalities arranged with Human Resource Department for Validation of Job Offer. This includes follow up on employment authorization and/or assessment of the case for the purpose of filing for the permanent residence in federal class or in provincial class.

You may also like to consider applying for a Canadian Work Permit. A work permits for Canada is issued to applicants with a solid job offer on a temporary basis only and on the condition that you work for the specific employer sponsoring you. The job offer itself should be one that can not be filled by a Canadian citizen and the employer’s efforts to recruit a Canadian citizen before seeking a foreign worker will be tested. As long as all the criteria are met then you can apply for a Canada Work Visa.

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