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Immigration to Canada under the Canadian skilled worker visa is one of the most popular ways for potential migrants to live and work in Canada and obtain instant permanent resident status. We offer a free assessment with our online skilled worker visa application for Canada and a free initial assessment of all your Canada immigration and work permit requirements.

Canadian Immigration as a skilled worker to Canada is an attractive option for most potential migrants who meet the basic requirements, as it is an independent points tested visa, which encourages migrants to apply even if you have not obtained a Canadian job offer or secured family sponsorship. You can try our Canada Skilled Worker Assessment Program and get a free assessment. The Skilled Worker Visa can lead to Canadian Citizenship after only three years of permanent stay in Canada. If you have a Canadian job offer you can include this in your Skilled Worker Visa application for immigration to Canada. This is will provide you added advantage.

The Canada Skilled Worker Visa point's selection system requires a pass mark of 67 out of 100 points and is assessed on six main factors; age, education, work experience, language ability and adaptability. The Regulations enumerates the factors and allocates the maximum number of units as follows:

In summary, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations under the skilled worker class features a selection process THAT:

Implements a selection regime that places emphasis on higher education, language abilities and flexible transferable skills.
Favours married (or common-law partners, conjugal partners) applicants with university education at the graduate level.
Rewards applicants with government approved job offers in Canada.
Provides the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration with authority to set and amend the pass mark at any time during the process with no lock-in protection for an application under assessment. This gives rise to a highly unpredictable selection regime.
Preserves the discretionary powers of a visa officer to assess an applicant's overall settlement potential, irrespective of the point total and approve an application under the positive discretion (or refuse an application under the negative discretion) provisions of the regulations. This mechanism is used to accept a number of applicants who will be able to successfully settle in Canada yet who do meet the applicable pass mark.
Introduces a processing system based on an applicant's nationality or current place of legal residence.
Establishes a continuing conformity principle requiring applicants to meet applicable selection criteria at the time an application for a permanent resident visa is made as well as at the time the visa is issued. This gives rise to a highly unpredictable selection regime.

Advantages of the Canada Skilled Worker Visa are: The Canadian Skilled Worker Visa allows migration to Canada as a Permanent Resident, without the need for an employer or sponsor, to seek employment and apply for jobs following the exact same process as a resident skilled worker. Canada is keen to have skilled workers and the Canada migration points system is designed to encourage Canadian immigration by skilled workers.

You are able to accept a job and join a new employer without you and that employer needing to go through the work permit process. The Canada Skilled Worker Visa gives you the right to apply for Citizenship after 3 years, providing that you follow the necessary requirements to apply, thus making this visa a very attractive and popular method of Canadian immigration for skilled workers











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