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Government of Canada through its citizenship and immigration programs has been striving to build a community of citizens respected throughout the world. To achieve this objective Canada has opened its doors for capable persons to immigrate to Canada and play their affective role in building even better Canada. We realizes that lot of capable prospective candidates do not apply for immigration to Canada for fear of rejection and consequent loss of their time and money. It is also a fact that every year number of cases of capable applicants is rejected due to deficiencies in their own applications. We decided to assist clients and help them to make their attempt successful and help them realize their dreams. During this process we are also helping government of Canada to find best possible immigrants to achieve its national objectives. We are also assisting capable indented immigrants to immigrate to Canada by guiding them and helping them to complete the procedure of immigration as smoothly as possible.

How we achieve these objectives?

We, at a very first step, assess our clients’ candidature before initiating any process. Once we conclude that the candidate is fit for immigration and the success is almost assured we commence assisting our clients in preparing the appropriate application set including preparation of immigration KIT. We also provide declarations documents and information on substitutes documents required as per Canadian Bench Mark. For example, what document our client should submit in lieu of IELTS test or CELPIP in case they are not being submitted along with application.

We also help our clients in obtaining police clearance certificates; letter from police authorities in different countries, finger printing cards (wherever required), and letter from the Consulates of the countries of nationalities (where it is required as a replacement of police clearances). We assist our clients in approaching schools, colleges and universities in obtaining official transcripts. We also provide sample experience letter which may help Immigration Department to match the experience with the requirements prescribed in the National Occupational Classification. We provide information on medical procedure and the list of the medical practitioners in area where our clients reside. We also provide on line assistance, video conferencing for interview preparation in case of requirement, submission of the file to appropriate Visa Offices. We do not leave our clients unattended during the entire process which starts from the submission of the applications and continues to the date the applications are approved and the visas are granted. We suggest appropriate measures, which our clients should take during the period the visa application is processed. We also prepare the clients to equip the knowledge required, once the client reaches to Canada and become Landed Immigrant.

We provide International consultancy and specialist services in application processing for all types of visas and work permits to almost all countries around the world. We also provide services in the areas of Corporate Sponsorship and Transfers, Skilled Immigrant Schemes, Training, Work Experience, Business Migration and Investments, Students, Visitors, Holidaymakers, Permanent Residence, Nationality and much more.

Clients, including businesses, recruitment agencies and individual applicants can enjoy free membership and direct access to our online system areas where they can engage our services, post jobs, search candidates, track applications, gain partnership revenue, make enquiries and also engage in unique, interactive and intuitive application processes.