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Canadian Citizenship

Canadians are proud of their citizenship. Canadian citizenship is one of the most prized in the world. Every year about 150,000 people become citizens. To obtain Canadian citizenship, you will have to demonstrate a deep commitment to Canada.

You must be 18 years of age or older to apply as an individual. You meet the physical residence requirements. This means that you must have been living in Canada for at least three years before applying to become a citizen. In addition you will be required to:

It is a good idea that you contact us for an assessment of your case for citizenship before you submit a formal application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I obtain Canadian Permanent Resident status, how soon do I become eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship?

You are allowed to apply for Canadian Citizenship after you have been physically resided in Canada for three years (1095 days) out of the four years immediately preceding your application. Where exceptional circumstances exist, however, you may be allowed to apply even if you have not been physically resident in Canada for the required 1095 days.

Do I have to apply for Canadian Citizenship as soon as I am eligible?
No. There is no obligation to apply for Canadian Citizenship at any time. But it is in your own interest to apply as soon as possible once you complete the residency requirement.

What are some of the advantages of obtaining Canadian Citizenship?
Unlike permanent residents, Canadian citizens are allowed to be absent from Canada for extended periods of time without any risk of losing their status. Except in rare cases, Canadian citizens cannot be deported from Canada. Canadian citizens also receive Canadian passports and are entitled to vote in federal elections.

Will time spent in Canada prior to becoming a permanent resident be counted towards my Citizenship application?
Time spent legally in Canada prior to becoming a permanent resident may be counted towards the calculation of the 1095 days required to qualify for Canadian Citizenship. Within the four years prior to applying for Canadian Citizenship, each day spent in Canada as a non-permanent resident (i.e. as a visitor) is counted as half a day, up to a maximum total credit of one year. Each day spent in Canada as a permanent resident is counted as one whole day.

Will time spent absent from Canada be counted towards my Citizenship application?
Unless there are exceptional circumstances, time spent outside of Canada (other than for short vacations) will not be counted towards the calculation of the 1095 days required to qualify for Canadian Citizenship.

Will Canadian Citizenship make me eligible to work in the USA, Mexico, or Chile?
Under the provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Canada- Chile Free Trade Agreement, qualified Canadian citizens can benefit from facilitated admission into the USA, Mexico and Chile for business and work-related purposes.

As a Canadian citizen, am I required to obtain a Returning Resident Permit for absences from Canada?
No. Citizens of Canada are not required to obtain Returning Resident Permits for any absence from Canada. Canadian Citizenship cannot be lost as a result of a long or permanent absence from Canada.

Can I have dual Citizenship?
Since 1977, Canada has permitted its citizens to hold dual or multi Citizenship. As a result, Canadian citizens will not lose their Canadian Citizenship if they retain their former nationality or become citizens of another country. If you intend to become a Canadian citizen, you are advised to verify whether the country of your current nationality permits dual citizenship.

Canadian Citizenship